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What is the DSSA

The Dairy Strong Sustainability Alliance (DSSA) is a collaborative effort to promote and support farmer-led solutions to today’s environmental challenges taking into account business viability and community engagement. Most directly, DSSA provides support for farmer-led conservation groups and helps connect individuals, organizations and companies wishing to support their efforts.

Ultimately, DSSA seeks to support continuous improvement across the supply chain and amplify those results to customers who buy dairy in order to drive trust.
We help farmers measure results over time through tangible, data-driven projects that involve implementing new things, making changes in some cases, and being proactive with what our communities and customers expect from dairy. It’s also a platform to showcase what the dairy community is doing in a voluntary way to impact real resource concerns.

The Dairy Strong Sustainability Alliance started in 2016 driven primarily by Dairy Business Association, Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative and The Nature Conservancy.
Today, the DSSA is comprised of diverse organizations who embrace continuous improvement and support the journey toward an even more sustainable dairy supply chain. All outcomes of the DSSA’s work are pre-competitive and will be made available to the dairy community. Interested collaborators should contact Lauren Brey, director of strategic partnerships and sustainability, to discuss opportunities.

Watch the DSSA introduction webinar:



Desired Outcomes

  • Foster environmental, economic and social stewardship
  • Ensure long-term viability of dairy farms and related businesses
  • Proactively align with company/customer demands
  • Demonstrate commitment to community
  • Show science-based outcomes
  • Build relationships with legislators to showcase improvements
  • Engage with community through positive discussion
Desired Outcomes

  • Field to Market
  • National Council of Farmer Cooperatives
  • National Milk Producers Federation (National Dairy FARM Program)
  • The Nature Conservancy
  • The University of Wisconsin Madison (SNAPPLUS)
  • United States Department of Agriculture Natural Resources Conservation Service

Contact Lauren with questions:

Lauren Brey
Director of strategic partnerships & sustainability
(920) 883-0020 x107

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