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DSSA Mission

To be a catalyst in driving innovation, collaboration and progress for sustainability in the dairy community.


Guiding Principles

  • Continuous improvement
  • Inclusivity
  • Voluntary participation
  • Innovation over compliance
  • Measured outcomes over mandated practices
  • Data privacy
  • Sustainability + profitability
  • Maintaining “freedom to farm”
  • Sharing dairy’s positive story


Desired Outcomes

  • Foster environmental, economic and social stewardship
  • Ensure long-term viability of dairy farms and related businesses
  • Proactively align with company/customer demands
  • Demonstrate commitment to community
  • Show science-based outcomes
  • Build relationships with legislators to showcase improvements
  • Engage with community through positive discussion


What is the DSSA

The Dairy Strong Sustainability Alliance (DSSA) is a collaborative group that includes all aspects of the dairy community, including: farmers, processors (including packaging), dairy product and service providers, transportation, conservation groups, CPG companies, retailers, government agencies, universities and dairy and trade non-profits. All dairy management philosophies are welcome.


Why the DSSA; Why Now?

Organized in the Spring of 2016, the goal of the DSSA is to show tangible results in the areas of land use, soil conservation, nutrient management, water quality and use, energy use, animal welfare, food safety, greenhouse emissions, economic health and social responsibility. The DSSA achieves these goals by taking existing sustainability tools and applying them to early and mid-stage grassroots efforts led by farmers – individually or as part of a watershed. Data from each group is compiled annually. Customers and retailers have certain expectations when it comes to food and the DSSA provides a holistic approach that satisfies customers while preserving our dairy heritage.


Who is the DSSA

The DSSA is comprised of diverse organizations, including Edge, who embrace the journey of continuous improvement towards a more sustainable dairy supply chain. All outcomes of the DSSA’s work are pre-competitive and will be made available to the entire dairy community. Interested collaborators should contact Maria Woldt, director of industry relations to determine the appropriate level of involvement.


Maria Woldt
Director of Industry Relations
Sustainability lead
(608) 577-4345

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