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Three tips to ensure your bulk tank measurements are accurate

Tuesday, August 1, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Lauren Brey, director of marketing and research
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One of Edge’s main roles as a verification cooperative is to perform bulk tank calibrations to assure accurate milk weights for our members. It is one of the most important services we provide.


Whether you are installing a new tank during an expansion on your farm or upgrading your old tank for more capacity or due to age, there are several important factors to remember.


  1. Drainage, slope and grading are key. Make sure all rain water is flowing away from the structural base of the tank. Whether the support is a concrete slab, building foundation or simple concrete posts, water can quickly erode the stability of the support system and cause movement in the tank. This can lead to milk weight errors during farm pickup.
  2.  Install gutters where needed. Rooflines without proper gutter systems can increase the amount of water deposited at the base of the tank, which can lead to accelerated erosion of the area. This can decrease the stability of the foundation or support system and lead to errors. Also, water that cannot drain away from the tank foundation causes heaving issues in the winter from freezing and frost.
  3. Always contact your Edge member services representative to properly calibrate your tank after installation.

Pictures below show a tank calibration performed in Central Wisconsin, where Edge properly calibrated a bulk tank and graded the slope around the tank to avoid future issues.


Existing slope under the tank was inconsistent and was hindering water from draining away from the supports.


Staff properly graded the area by leveling the existing dirt and gravel.

  Additional gravel was added to improve slope away from the concrete supports.


If you have questions or concerns about your current bulk tank measurements or if you are planning a new bulk tank installation or upgrade, please contact Scott Munes, director of membership development, at or (920) 493-2697, or your member services representative.


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