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Let's connect with customers where they are shopping – online

Thursday, August 30, 2018   (0 Comments)
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By Joanna Guza, digital communications manager

With a click of a button, customers can order all of their groceries online and not step foot in a grocery store. Between online delivery services and grocery pickup, customers’ shopping experience is dramatically changing.

According to a National Grocers Association survey conducted in February 2018 by Nielsen Research, 1 in 10 people shop for their groceries online. While the majority of Americans do not shop online, the research predicts that number will increase to 3 in 10 people in the next five years.

This growing popularity presents another opportunity for the dairy community to reach customers. Many agricultural advocates already do an effective job online promoting wholesome foods, animal care and sustainable farming practices. We need more people to join the pro-dairy efforts.

When increasing your online presence, think of it as your own grocery shopping experience. You are a customer, too! Below is a list of characteristics that I like in my grocery experience. We can take this same idea to explain dairy farming and use it to our advantage to connect with customers online.


Grocery shoppers want convenience with fast, easily accessible information. Engage with your audience by keeping your posts short, sweet and to the point. They want to know the “meat and potatoes” of your dairy farm and how that impacts them.

Social media post: Take a photo of a cow eating and explain how your cows have access to fresh food and water 24 hours a day.

Service with a smile

A customer might have a bad image of dairy farming in their mind. Showcasing your concerns and how you are proactive in protecting the environment and being engaged in your community will demonstrate your service to customers. They want to know that you care just as much as they do.

Social media post: Take a photo in your farm field to share that it is your responsibility to your farm, neighbors and other community members to care for the land, air and water.


Buyers want to know the products they are purchasing are wholesome, safe and fresh. They want to know the dairy community follows food safety requirements, so they can feel assured that the food on their table is nutritious and safe for their family.

Social media post: Share a photo of your family or employees enjoying dairy products and explain your dedication to producing a safe, high-quality product for everyone to enjoy. 


People want to purchase local products. Research from the U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance found that “local” food beats out food labeled as natural or organic. Customers want to know they are making a positive difference in their community. This is an area that dairy excels – the majority of our customers live within 100 miles or less of a dairy farm.

Social media post: Take a photo of a milk truck leaving your farm and explain that the milk travels from your farm to the store in about 48 hours. Now that’s fresh!

If the dairy community doesn’t engage customers online, then the wrong group of people will. It is not too late to start, and we are here to assist you!

Please reach out to me with any questions or ideas or for help getting started. I can be reached at or (920) 883-0020 x109.

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