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Policy in Action
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DBMMC Works to Protect Agriculture Programs from Budget Cuts

Feb. 21, 2017

Together with a coalition of other groups, DBMMC sent a letter to the chairpersons of U.S. House and Senate Committees on Budget and Appropriations. The groups that signed the letter, including our co-op, oppose additional cuts to agriculture programs as part of the upcoming budget process. The letter explains this is not because agriculture is unwilling to do its part during tight budgetary times. Rather, agriculture programs have already been cut significantly in the last farm bill, which was designed to achieve $23 billion in deficit reduction over the course of ten years. Any significant new cuts to these programs, which are generally run in an efficient and lean manner, could be very harmful.


DBMMC Joins Other Ag Groups to Support Sonny Perdue's Nomination

Feb. 2, 2017

The co-op added its name to a letter supporting the nomination of Sonny Perdue to serve as the next secretary of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Perdue was a strong advocate for agriculture during his time in the Georgia legislature and as governor of that state. He is also a veterinarian by training. In the letter, hundreds of groups representing all aspects of agriculture urge the senate to quickly approve Perdue’s nomination. The top job at USDA was among the last high-level nominations made by President Trump, so a speedy approval process is even more important to ensuring that USDA has the leadership it needs.


DBMMC Staff Attends NCFC Government Affairs Conference

Nov. 14, 2016

Our co-op is a member of the National Council of Farmer Cooperatives (NCFC). NCFC is a national group of farmer-led co-ops that represents virtually every aspect of agricultural production in the United States. DBMMC is represented on NCFC’s Government Affairs committee. This meeting is focused on analyzing the outcome of the recent election and its impact on issues important to farmer co-ops. The group will also discuss policy priorities for NCFC in the coming year, including items like labor, trade, and transportation.


Co-op Urges Congressman Sensenbrenner to Support TPP

Nov. 8, 2016

Improving access to global markets for our dairy products is essential to long-term growth in the dairy sector. It is no coincidence that record high milk prices coincided with record high dairy exports. Expanding opportunities for trade is a major policy goal of DBMMC. While the future of TPP is uncertain, the co-op is doing its part to encourage members of Congress that have not made up their mind yet regarding TPP to support the agreement’s passage. Congressman Sensenbrenner is one of those Congressman. See the co-op’s letter to him here. More broadly, DBMMC wants to encourage support for other existing and future trade deals.


DBMMC Opposes EPA’s Attack on Atrazine Use

Sept. 1, 2016

Atrazine is a valuable tool for dairy farmers growing their own crops to feed their cattle and other row crop farmers that help to supply us with our feed. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) just released a new draft ecological risk assessment regarding atrazine. EPA’s work is contrary to a wealth of other studies that show current atrazine use is safe. EPA solicited comments regarding their new draft document. DBMMC opposes unnecessary regulations on worthwhile technology like atrazine. Together with many other agricultural groups, we are submitting comments critical of EPA’s work on this issue and supportive of continued use of atrazine. You can read our co-op’s comments here.

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